Ask The Right Questions Before Selecting A Company For Network Solutions

Your company deserves to have a secure, private, multi-site network, which would simplify operations and keep security concerns in check. Most businesses have little or no clue about managing networks, which is precisely why they rely on managed network services or companies that offer network solutions Singapore. Think of your network as an investment for the long run, because it would not only expand your reach and ensure security, but will also assure performance and quality customer experience. If you are looking for a networking partner, we recommend that you ask the questions listed below.

  1. What do you offer?

That’s the first and most obvious question you need ask before selecting managed network services. The extent to which they can help with networking applications and related services does matter. From basic network access, LAN, and WAN to virtual network services, MPLS / IPVPN, hybrid WAN, Private Line and dedicated internet access, the services offered by a company can be very different. Most managed network services also specialize in admin tasks, network optimization and expansion, management and update firewalls, and other tasks related to VPN.

  1. Who are your clients?

This is pretty much a valid question, given that you want to know what the managed network service provider has done so far. Find more on the local companies and brands they have worked with and if they have experience with clients with a similar profile as yours. A company that claims to specialize in networking solutions will never shy away from sharing references.

  1. What can do you do for my business?

Before you hire managed network services, or discuss service-level agreements (SLAs), it is absolutely important to understand what they can do for your company. Ask them to find more on the possible concerns and aspects that need attention. Find out what it takes to avail all services from them, because their work and offer should fit your budget, as well.

Network solutions are the lifelines of your business and determines how available and productive your work processes are, which is why spending a tad more on this area is never a bad idea. Make sure that you have a reliable IT partner who can offer quality solutions and simplify networking for your business. If required, you can always go for a short-term plan or service agreement and expand if you like their work.