5 Must-Have Apps For Every Mortgage Professional

Mortgage professionals are individuals who are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in mortgages. The group includes mortgage brokers, lenders, or bankers. Aside from critical knowledge of the local real estate market and all things about mortgages, it is also your responsibility to keep up with the latest trends concerning FHA Loans Corpus Christi. The latest craze is the apps made available for mortgage professionals like you.

If you’re wondering what these apps are, here is a list of must-have apps worth knowing.


The Realtor app is an excellent tool that can help you find the latest properties for sale in your area. It can tell you the average selling prices, the average amount per square foot and even locate open houses available on specific dates so your clients can check out the homes. It also helps you find home sellers who also plan on getting a mortgage to buy a new house. The daily notifications will send you an email notifying you of new houses for sale. You can use the address to find out the seller’s name and contact details to start offering them mortgage offers.


Organizing your notes in Evernote is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. If you enjoy using it for personal use, then you’ll find it even more useful for mortgage experts like you. Take it as a digital storehouse. Here, you can store notes, passwords, lists, and ideas and even capture images. This app works on all computers and mobile devices and syncs on all your devices automatically. You can attach files and voice memos, scan texts, and even share notes with your coworkers.


Ever got an email asking you to sign documents but you have no access to a printer at the moment? Then DocuSign’s got your covered. This app lets you work smarter by allowing you to sign pertinent documents with an electronic signature and send it back from almost anywhere around the world. This comes in handy if you need to sign papers at the last minute, or when you need your client’s signature at short notice. Less hassle and more paperwork are done thanks to the DocuSign app.

Mortgage Calculator

This app is an easy-to-use tool for every mortgage professional and home buyers alike. This can be your guide in explaining to your client how much their monthly mortgage payments will be depending on the parameters of the mortgage. The great thing about Mortgage Calculator is that it is user-friendly and accurate in showing your monthly and even biweekly mortgage payments along with the insurance, HOA and PMI fees, taxes, etc.

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This is a reliable cloud storage solution that works on all devices, be it a computer or mobile device. It lets you upload, store, and share files with your partners and clients, making document sharing a breeze. No need to worry about searching for every client’s data on your computer or emails as you can simply store them in an organized fill on your Dropbox.


Mortgage professionals don’t only get to use the LinkedIn app to connect with possible partners but to show clients that you’re an expert in your field by gathering testimonials and recommendations. You get to write and publish informative articles that can attract the right audiences, turning into a lead generation machine. You can also use this to research o your clients before calling them. This way, you get to learn a little about them and how to establish rapport.

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